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Last night I watched Hotel Rwanada. Good film. My father and I started arguing about whether or not genocide will ever be stopped by anyone. Well, minus when it involves money. I always have this urge to give up my whole life and move to Darfur and do something, anything. In other news I saw a new episode of CSI:LV last night and the night before. We dont have cable anymore in our apartment cause it was "too expensive" for some people to pay. Which is ironic since I have to pay for electricity and internet over the summer when I dont live there then. I miss CSI. Its starting to get to the point though where I have seen almost half of the episodes so on weeknights on Spike Tv, which may I add is amazing, they show it from 7-9 so usually one of the episodes I havent seen, and one I have. Im turning into a tv junkie.

I finished the book, Green River, Running Red by the prolific Ann Rule. It was pretty good. Its amazing how archaic the police techniques were before DNA and forensic science. They actually had the killer as a suspect since like 1984 but they couldnt consistently pin it on him till 2001. Also ironic he didnt get the death penalty. Dont get me wrong, I dont believe in it. But I have done a lot of research on it and its amazing how many people who get it are black and have killed white people. Guys like Randolph and Ridgeway get off with life in prison despite the LARGE number of people they have killed but guys who kill one person and the case isnt even cut and dry get sent to the death chamber.

I have two exams on monday. Geology(oceans, groundwater, atmosphere, deserts, glaciers, and global change) and Abnormal Psychology(susbtance abuse, personality disorders, and childhood disorders). Then I have my american history exam on thursday and my chinese history exam on thursday the 28th.

Have had two interviews, one for a hotel desk clerk in the U Of M hospital and one as a camp counseler in pittsfield(next to ann arbor). Its looking like im a good candidate to get the camp counseler one.

They caught the guy who fired on a man at the WDIV office, when I first saw the video I go, hey that looks like someone from ricks part of town, he lives in SW detroit. Hear today hes from there too. Im gooooood.
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