The Only Light that Shines (jennydragonfly) wrote,
The Only Light that Shines

I heart CSI:Las Vegas

I was watching CSI tonite, I love this quote from the show. "Doesn't it ever piss you off that all the work you do can get screwed up by twelve people too stupid to get out of jury duty" True dat. Justice system is funked. I will become a lawyer and reform the system to stop the death penalty from killing poor people and keep child molesters in jail longer. And while I'm at it I think we should legalize drugs so we can cut the cost and stop putting people away for having weed longer than someone who rapes a 12 year old.

I see these previews for this new crusade movie, Im really confused. Last time I checked the Crusades are a huge STAIN on the christian church. But ya know, I guess we can make it look good.

I went back to my doctor, he doesnt want me to stop my medicine yet. First I have to get the migraines under control. Yeah, when cows fly. Also my doc is leaving because residents at U of M only stick around for a total of two years. It sucks because I really liked him, he was prolly the best doctor I've had since Dr. Rosen.

School is out. No final gpa yet, but its looking like its gonna go up at least .1. Havent heard back from my jobs yet, I hate waiting.
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