The Only Light that Shines (jennydragonfly) wrote,
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Summer Sucks.

I remembered why I dont like summer. I get super bored. Its been like a week and I am dying. My lil brother just got his license which means it is even worse. He wants and expects the car whenever he wants it and doesnt understand the concept of sharing. And mom and dad are always on his side. Well mom is, dad just isnt here. I am saving for a car but its gonna be a while.
Still havent heard back from the job and am doing three more apps for other camps. I HATE BEING HOME. I only get depressed when Im here, at school Im fine. I dont get it. I think its because my brother goes on about how stupid I and worthless I am and my mom says to just get over it. Fucking bullshit. I think mel is avoiding me. and my dad wonders why I sleep so much.
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i'm sorry jenny i can't imagine how hard it must be to be back there for the summer with nothing to do. my parents moved out of northville halfway through my first year at msu so i not only lost my place in the ville i lost my place in my parents house period - i stayed at different places last summer and this summer i still have my apt. i love my parents but it would definately suck to have to move back in with them after being on my own all year. but at least you've got a home with a family that you get to spend a few last years with before you end up god knows where, you know?

anyways i hope it gets better :)
I hope you feel better. =(
are you kidding me? you think im avoiding you.. thats silly jennifer. you know im not avoiding you! ive been super busy this week.. ive worked everyday baby. i love you. dont hate me too.