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my uneventful life

Got a job as a waittress at the South Lyon Hotel in South Lyon. Ive never waittressed before so its kinda hard. But I enjoy it alot. The girl that trained me got 200 in tips yesterday(8 hours). I can't wait to make some moneeeey. But the sad part is that now I don't get to see my boy as much cause I work like every day and esp weekends. BUT we are going to florida with my fam bam on june 24 thru july 3rd. I cannot wait. I want to download the song by Ana Nalick cause I love it but have no downloading software to do it with. I think Ill have to go buy the cd. I have not purchased a cd in 2 years. peace gs.

I can hear us laughing
I remember every part
I’ve got everything we ever did
It’s tattooed on my heart
But there’s a colder wind coming in
And blowing us apart
Until the summer brings us back,
You know you got a piece of my heart
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